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Growing up as a multicultural mountain boy in the picturesque South Tyrol region of the Italian alps, Kontent’s unique perspective of life and music characterized himself as an outsider looking in. During a portion of Kontent’s life in the German-speaking autonomous province in northeast Italy, he developed a rare hip hop sound that was vastly unfamiliar to his surroundings. Despite feeling like a musical outcast in his hometown, Kontent ignited a commitment to a sense of exploration in the world of music.


After producing the hit song "Need You" by Maxiz (which so far has accumulated over 3,000,000 Spotify clicks), Kontent moved to Berlin in 2018, while offering his skills as a producer and songwriter to other artists.


In Berlin, he kept producing for Maxiz, as well as other pop artists including Donskoy and Revelle, while also honing his own craft as a rapper. His musical journey has allotted Kontent to live all over the world, making stops in Canada, Austria and, most recently, the United States. In 2019 Kontent released his first solo single "Talking" alongside an eye-catching music video. Later in the year, he followed it up with "Vivaldi," in which Kontent chops up Antonio Vivaldi's song "Winter" over heavy hip hop drums. "Vivaldi" reinforced his passion for rap and alternative production.


Kontent recognized that his style of music was too foreign for the German music scene, and he decided in 2020 it was best to bring his unique sound to Los Angeles. He is now studying music production at UCLA while establishing himself in the Los Angeles hip hop scene.


His fusion of alternative rap with European classical music underlined by hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics perfectly personifies his story's uniqueness. His artistic individuality has found a fitting new home in LA. With a nomadic sound that tips its hat to the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Muse and James Blake, Kontent wants to bring a different and honest perspective to hip hop.


Since arriving in LA, he has produced for many US artists and is set to release new solo material in 2021.




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